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The struggle is real i am an active gym goer attending 16 classes a week and my search for the perfect trainers has been an expensive struggle! I need trainers that not only support my high arch but also have enough cushion for all the bouncing and running i do. 
 These are some of the shoes i've tried and they have all failed at one thing or another...Nike flyknits totally stunning looking and super comfortable but not great for bouncing, fabulous for running but there wasn't enough cushion to absorb the impact and they left me with ankle and knee pain. ;( 

The second pair of Nike totally rubbish...sorry Nike i really love your products just not these but they say you get what you pay for. 

New Balance...i've never tried New Balance before but one of my instructors swears by them so i give them a shot...they were really good at first but the support soon give way (5 months).  What i will say is for £45.00 i would recommend these simply because they did support me for a while but i do alot of exercise, however if you are someone who works out a couple of hours a week these would be perfect.  They look nice and come in an array of colours.

Finally Asics - these lasted the longest because they are designed for running and they supported me for a good year before my pains reappeared.  I would have gone back to Asics but i wanted something more aesthetically pleasing but i will always highly recommend them because they are worth the money!  

on a sad note...

I took my flyknits on holiday with me as i knew i would only be running, one evening run i tripped up a curb and my nice manicured nail (in socks) came through! I was guttered because they cost a bomb and i didn't think they would rip that easy. Not good! 
However victory is mine!!!! My perfect trainer is Adidas Ultra Boost, they are perfect for me, they come with a high arch plenty of support and they look awesome! 
So pretty right?????

Please note that just because these babies are perfect for me they might not work for you, i know it's a costly exercise to find the perfect gym shoe but my advice would be research, read reviews but also go and try them for yourself.  Gym clothes don't really matter (apart from a good bra) any leggings or top will do but you need to protect your joints and good shoes will do that. 

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