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So over the last couple of months i've been travelling, i try to be good but seriously how can i make better choices when i'm in Italy the home of pizza, pasta, wine and gelato? So i indulged and now is time to repent! :) 

Back to the gym & back to my routine. 
 I'm very lucky i have a fabulous bunch of crazy gym buds that keep me motivated because we all have those days where the sofa looks way more appealing than the weight bar but i keep going for them as well as myself. 

When the dark nights set in it's always hard to be motivated to do exercise, it's too cold outside to go for a run, the gym is now a car ride and well Netflix and a pizza sounds good...but that old saying "Summer bodies are made during winter" is true, you will thank yourself for making the effort because come spring and everyone is embracing what sun we get you can happily show of your toned limbs and feel great, no last minute killer PT classes to get you holiday ready.  Yes i said "holiday ready" but that doesn't mean supermodel standards that just means you are happy with "YOUR" body!  

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