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So over the last couple of months i've been travelling, i try to be good but seriously how can i make better choices when i'm in Italy the home of pizza, pasta, wine and gelato? So i indulged and now is time to repent! :) 

Back to the gym & back to my routine. 
 I'm very lucky i have a fabulous bunch of crazy gym buds that keep me motivated because we all have those days where the sofa looks way more appealing than the weight bar but i keep going for them as well as myself. 

When the dark nights set in it's always hard to be motivated to do exercise, it's too cold outside to go for a run, the gym is now a car ride and well Netflix and a pizza sounds good...but that old saying "Summer bodies are made during winter" is true, you will thank yourself for making the effort because come spring and everyone is embracing what sun we get you can happily show of your toned limbs and feel great, no last minute killer PT classes to get you holiday ready.  Yes i said "holiday ready" but that doesn't mean supermodel standards that just means you are happy with "YOUR" body!  

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Belgium F1 & Amsterdam! 

Arriving in Amsterdam we grabbed a car and drove 3 hours to Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium just about making practice.

After leaving the track we headed to Teuven (35 min drive from the track) and checked in to the most adorable B&B The Kings Head 
let the racing commense! Our amazing seats were at La Source, perfect! 

Well done Lewis...back of the grid to 3rd is amazing!
After the racing was over we headed in to Amsterdam for the Bank Holiday Weekend!

We arrived a the Jaz Hotel, checked in freshened up and of we went to experience Amsterdam's nightlife!
 There is so many amazing places to eat in Amsterdam but i was craving a big juicy burger.  Burger Bar was perfect, if you are ever in Amsterdam check them out, it was real yummy meat cooked in front of you for McD's prices...and you can get a beer with it! :) 

 What a jam packed weekend, we arrived back at the airport in time to grab a drink and head to the gate. Finally Starbucks got my name right. 

Goodbye to Amsterdam!

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Birthday Post! 

I love nothing more than my birthday, i love the build up and all the surprises...yes i'm still a child! 

This year i was utterly spoilt and i am truly grateful to my amazing family and friends for everything they do, not just the presents but the fact that they make my life a better place. 
 Yes i turned 34 and got a unicorn balloon but there is a story to March it was my friend Sarah's birthday and we went to York on a girls day out.  One of our other friends Nicola spotted the balloons and made a joke to Sarah asking if she wanted one, of course Sarah said no being 34 and all but i was guttered i wanted that balloon.  Sarah noted my disappointment and stored it away until my Birthday...hence the unicorn balloon. 

I was over joyed with the balloon i bet they thought "why did we bother with presents" hehe well they did get me some lovely gifts and Thank you so much. xxxx
 Yes i got a new car...but this was because my MiTo was up for renewal and my Hubby asked if i wanted an upgrade to a Giulietta for my Birthday...of course i said yes!!!!
I have been wanting a cute leather backpack for a while and had my eye on the Kate Spade one, however it was larger than i wanted and this Topshop one is perfect. Thank you Smell. How adorable is my daisy pen for my niece.

I LOVE my prints...we spotted them in a shop in Amsterdam and i just had to have them, i can't wait to get them up this weekend! 

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 Back in Rome this time we stayed at the Aldrovandi Residence and it was fabulous.  Huge suite with loads of space and a awesome pool/bar.
Time to explore! 
 We were lucky enough to be staying 10 mins (walk) away from the main shopping district and a metro line.  
 Your visit to Rome is not complete without seeing the Trevi Fountain. The fountain was built during the 4th century and took 30 years to build...i am seeing a pattern here, it takes an awfully long time to build anything in Italy.  Only joking the fountain was built from travertine stone which is enormous heavy stone. i believe a few people died building it.   

Following the legend of the fountain i tossed several coins over my shoulder in hopes of coming back to Rome one day!  

The Colosseum was built in 72 AD in the heart of ancient Rome, the Colosseum is the largest theatre in the World.  It can seat 50,000 spectators. 
I'm sad to say that during my time in Rome i was pickpocketed :( we were waiting for the Metro and as the train arrived everyone pushed forward giving the thief the opportunity to pick my hand bag.  They managed to get my purse, lipstick and my husbands Ray Bans but lucky for me my phone was at the bottom.  I cancelled my cards straight away and after reading the horror stories online i consider myself lucky but it still tainted the last leg of our holiday.   

I would say just be vigilant whilst on holiday and keep you bag close to your front. 
As this was our last leg we had a pool day, relaxing before returning home. 

All packed and time to head to the airport...with one final stop at McD's for Ellissa's breakfast!  

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Palazzo Pitti

The Palazzo Pitti was built in 1458, it was once home (yes i said home) to a Banker, then the Royals and was also a power base for Napoleon in the 18th Century.  Pretty impressive right?  I'm sure it's History is greater than i wrote but they are the fact i know ;) 

The Palazzo Pitti is now a Modern Art Gallery, Royal Apartments, Silver Museum and much more.

I was lucky enough to visit when there was a temporary Karl Largerfeld Photography Exhibition on.  Karl's "Visions of Fashion" exhibit fit right in with the renaissance style moving through the museum. 

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In 1921, Guccio Gucci opened a leather goods company and small luggage store in his native Florence. Though his vision for the brand was inspired by London, and the refined aesthetic of English nobility he had witnessed while working in the Savoy Hotel, his goal on returning to Italy was to ally this classy sensibility with the unique skills of his native Italy. Specifically, with the master craftsmanship of local Tuscan artisans.

Within a few years, the label enjoyed such success the sophisticated international clientele on vacation in Florence thronged to Gucci’s bottega, seeking the equestrian-inspired collection of bags, trunks, gloves, shoes and belts. Many of Guccio’s Italian clients were local horse-riding aristocrats, and their demand for riding gear led Gucci to develop its unique Horsebit icon - an enduring symbol of the fashion house and its increasingly innovative design aesthetic.
Faced with a shortage of foreign supplies during the difficult years of Fascist dictatorship in Italy, Gucci began experimenting with atypical luxury materials, like hemp, linen and jute. One of its artisans’ most subtle innovations was burnishing cane to create the handle of the new Bamboo Bag, whose curvy side was inspired by a saddle’s shape. An ingenious example of “necessity as the mother of invention”, the bamboo became the first of Gucci's many iconic products. A favorite of royalty and celebrities alike, the bag with burnished handle remains a huge favorite today.
Gucci products quickly became renowned for timeless design and were cherished by iconic movie stars and figures of elegance in the Jet Set era. Jackie Kennedy carried the Gucci shoulder bag, which is known today as the Jackie O. Liz Taylor, Peter Sellers and Samuel Beckett sported the unstructured, unisex Hobo Bag. Gucci’s classic moccasin with Horsebit hardware became part of the permanent collection at the Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Gucci answers a personal request by Grace Kelly by creating the now famous Flora silk print scarf for the Monaco princess.

In the mid-60s, Gucci adopted the legendary interlocking double G logo, creating yet another chic Gucci visual insignia.

Gucci continued its expansion abroad with stores opening in London, Palm Beach, Paris and Beverly Hills.

Gucci staged its first ever runway show in Florence.
Tom Ford became creative director of Gucci and re-launched the Gucci brand. 
Gucci had achieved global success and is one of the most desirable luxury brands in the world.  
Gucci appointed Alassandro Michele as Creative Director  
 The Evening Room held me captivated for ages, I had a complete fan girl moment when i saw Blake Lively's Dress. 
The long sliver gown with long sleeves and plunge back was Blake's dress.
The middles dress was Salma Hayek's dress
Ellissa and i topped of our visit to the museum with a coffee in the Gucci Cafe. 

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 Arriving in Florence we checked into the Villa Carlotta, not my favourite hotel but nice enough, the selling point was that is was over the road from the Boboli Gardens and a 15 minutes walk from the center.
After dropping off our bags and freshen up we went to explore.
How stunning is the Basilica of Santa Croce at night. 
We ate at Paszkowski's, this is one of the oldest cafes in the City.  Paszkowski is located in the oldest most magnificent square in Florence.  Outside the restaurant was a beautiful carousel this along with amazing food made the whole evening magical. 
There is nothing better than exploring Italy at night, this goes for all the cities, Florence tops my list but a Venice comes very close.  The architecture and history gives it a romantic feel.
My tribe love football so this place was bound to be a hit.  They were both in their element and i'm sure if Jack was with us he too would have loved it!   It's a football fans dream restaurant. 
 We sampled over 8 different gelato shops and this one was by far the best! 
Gelateria Santa Trinita, this place always had a queue a mile long. 
Ellissa was in her element in the Magnum Pleasure Store in Florence.  Her creation above was Vanilla ice cream, with dark classic chocolate, covered with caramel popcorn bits and a drizzle of white chocolate.  She loved it...however by this point i was completely done with ice cream and couldn't face anymore! 
Did i mention that Florence is full to the brim with amazing places to eat and drink...and don't get me started on desert! soooooooooo good!!!! 

I would recommend just exploring the streets of Florence because there is something amazing down every turn.  This is my favorite way to explore a new city.  
Ellissa is a Hard Rock Cafe fanatic and has set herself a goal to buy a tshirt from every Hard Rock she visits, on our trip we crossed of Florence and Rome which means she now has all of Italy covered! 
Check out my starter/drinks...this is by far the best value for money ever!  you get three drinks and they are not small and a bowl of chips and salsa for £8.00.  
And yes we had to ride the carousel once before we left. 
As typical tourist we visited the fountain of a boar (fontana Del Porellino).  Some say you rub a coin into his mouth/snout and make a wish before letting the coin drop through the grate below.

The story behind the pig is... Apparently the area was inhabited by Jews, and the governing body wanted to relocate them. In order to stop the Jews from returning, the pig was placed at the fountain. (It would have been untenable for the Jews to collect their water from the mouth of a pig.)

Okay so that's some of our trip to Florence, i still have the Gucci Museum and the Palazzo Pitti to share