@Lesmills Live Manchester 2016 #Lesmills

 Anyone who knows me knows i love all things Les Mills, so you can imagine my excitement for this event!  
Leaving home at the ungodly hour of 6am on a Saturday to get to Manchester as early as possible to ensure we were close to the front of the queue might seem a little crazy to some but we wanted to experience the whole event from beginning to end! 
I loved getting the first picture of the Les Mill Live sign...i pretty much ran towards it as my friends laughed at my crazy antics! 
Sarah and i in our first of many Les Mills outfit changes!  
Our schedule was awesome, we attended the first big class which was bodypump...how many steps! 
With our muscles feeling the burn we move onto CXworks which was a new one for us to try as no local gym has this class.  The class was focused on core strength.

We then had a couple of hours to view the venue, shop & eat. 
15:00 we had BodyStep Athletic which i have never done before but is freaking unbelievably awesome...i need this class in this area! 
BodyVive was next and all i can say about this is it's Attack but lower impact.  i really didn't enjoy it and didn't see the through class through! 

Finally it was time for BodyAttack (woohoo) this was an amazing high energy class full to the brim, you could feel the excitement in room.  i worked my butt off hopefully literally! 

Our last the the last class of the day was BodyCombat which again we loved and had enough energy to push us though the last song! 

So 31,539 steps, 4,153 calories burned i was ready to head home!

Arriving home after 22:00 i was ready for my bed. 
My packed lunch...who chicken wraps, two apples, blueberries, 2 krispie squares and those awful raspberry things... 
My bag of essentials...yes the cookies and rice cakes were essential. 

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