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I do think it's a bit of an addiction but i love gym clothes almost as much as i love regular clothes. As i attend the gym every day you can't possibly wash your clothes fast enough so you need lots of outfit....right? Well that is what i tell myself anyway. 

I carry my weight around my butt and thighs so all gym leggings are black, black and more black so i go all out on my tops.  I think i have 42 gym tops at the moment and i love them all! 

These are my latest tops....
The blue one (top left) is a Reebok Les Mills yoga top, i love this top because it's super thin and loose to let the skin breath. £25.00

Purple is my gym colour, i wear purple most and this puma (top right) is perfect, it cames with a bra attached with is great for me.  It a breathable material and is loose around the waist. £30.00

River Island top surprised me a lot, this top (bottom left) is one of my favourites, it's light, long and doesn't show sweat and at £15 it's a win win!   

The Reebok Les Mills Bodypump top is a perfect fit for me, i wish it was a little higher at the front but i'm not packing much so it's okay, for those who are fuller in this area this is NOT the top for you.  It's a thick lycra top that hold you in. £47.00 
This is the back view, again this top has a built in bra! 

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