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Ellissa and i decided to take a roadtrip to London to the Harry Potter studios.  From our house to the studios it took 4 hours and thanks to Ellissa being a massive Harry Potter nut her excitement kept the journey fun. 
 On entering we noticed quite a lot had changed since the last time we visited (3 years). 
 As we arrived early Ellissa wanted to visit the gift shop! 
I love that they have added Harry's under the stairs bedroom! 
The Sorting Hat!  
 The Great Hall as seen in the movies.

 The boys dorm room! (that's Harry's Bed).

The Hogwarts Express is new and Ellissa was freaking out! So funny!
 Pictures are a must! 
 A little railway shop, super cute.  There is also a chance for you to sit in the carriage they used for filming and have your picture taken, we did this but the picture is utterly terrible...i wasn't meant for the acting world...my scared face looks like i need the loo.  
 They now sell ButterBeer ice cream!  The Butter Beer is ridiculously sweet. 

 Gift shop time!  This time we managed to leave without buying another wand!

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