Italy Road Trip 2016

Italy Road Trip Part one... Hotel Cristoforo Colombo, Rome Italy
  Yep this was our room for the week and let me just say it didn't look like this by the second day, it resembled more the Geordie Shore house! 
 I took these pics from their FB page as my pictures had loads of people in them and didn't do the hotel justice. 
 Oh this pool is where Ellissa and i spent most of our days! 
let the Dragon Boat Racing commence...
 The racing took place on Lake Lago dell'EUR in the Parco Centrale del Lago.
 Ellissa and i were lucky to find this little gem in the park, we had the whole floating dock to ourselves!
 Dragon boating is not my cup of tea however we come so support the Hubby who is in the Great British Team and i have to admit it's a fabulous event, the atmosphere is electric and i always come away thinking "yeah i could do that" until the plane lands back in the cold North of England!
  After a gruelling (for the athletes) week it's time to PARTY! 

Toga Party in fitting! 
 Jenny starting the party with the Fizz.
 Me & my baby Girl. x
 Hodgson Family Selfie
 Thinking the Hubby likes this outfit! 
 Beer Pong!

 Togo Party, Alcohol and Pool...Yep this is going to get a little messy! 

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