Pink Soda Sport

I'm somewhat of a gym clothes snob, not just because i like labels but because i have bought numerous items that are more fashion wear than gym wear.  Now i make sure i try everything on and do the jump, squat, bend & burpee test because otherwise i am yet again wasting my money. 

Take Adidas for example, i love Adidas and i wear mostly Adidas but they make two versions of sports wear, the fashion sports range and the gym sports range. Which is fine because there is a market for both but i wish they separated them when shopping online.

i now whenever i buy sports clothes i carry out my simple test to make sure the tops don't ride up when i'm doing a burpee or you don't see my knickers when i bend over or they don't fall down when i run/jumping jack. Yes you will feel like a tool doing this in the changing rooms but the alternative is wasting more money!    

So after my test in JD's changing rooms i decided on a black & white  Pink Soda Outfit. 

I have to say these leggings are amazing! I bought a size 10 and they have plenty of give, stayed up and you didn't get to see my knickers! (okay so i wore black knickers and you could see them through the white but the top covered that).
This top is already one of my favourites, it's light, comfy and didn't ride up when i was doing many burpees.  Last night i wore this outfit to do Les Mills Bodyattack & Bodycombat and i felt comfortable & stylish! 

Cue cheesy selfie! 

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  1. These looks lovely! I need to invest in some new gym gear! :D