Edinburgh Day Trip

Ellissa and i decided a Mother/Daughter day was needed and decided on a day trip to Edinburgh.  Having never been to Edinburgh we were pretty much the blind leading the blind, which resulted in a whole load of laughs! 
Getting to Edinburgh was pretty easy we hopped on the Darlington - Edinburgh direct and it only took two hour. 
Arriving at Edinburgh Waverley we had everything pretty much on our door step. 
So pretty right? This beauty was right outside the train station and opposite the shops! 
Love the smell of leather...i wish this was a scratch and sniff!  
So many talented performers!  
Not my type of shop but it was too cute not to take a picture! 

We had amazing weather! 
Yeah...it made me laugh!  
More amazing street performers.
Time for cake!  
 OMG i wanted it all! 
Oh Apple! 

More cake! 
Ellissa was utterly guttered that we had already eaten because she really wanted to eat here...maybe next time! 

We were lucky enough to be in Edinburgh for the Ivy Park release and snapped up some items...i do wish i bought more now though because i can't get them for love nor money!  

More laughs! 
Goodies to take home...because we haven't eaten enough!  
Another reason why i love Scotland...GIANT TUNNOCK'S! 
Ellissa and i loved it so much we have already booked to go back for a weekend to celebrate her Birthday! 

See you soon Edinburgh! 

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  1. Sounds like a lovely trip! Edinburgh is a great place to visit, lots to do and eat! :D xo