Siena, Italy #RoadTrip #GirlWhoTravels

Arriving in Siena we checked into the Sangallo Park Hotel. The first thing we wanted to do was check out the pool! 
As you will see Italy has a lot of Cathedral's but this is by far the most impressive one i have ever seen. Siena's Cathedral was built in 1215 and took 48 years to finish, as you can see it took a great deal of effort and details to make this beautiful gothic Cathedral that people come from all over to see.
 Siena hosts The Palio di Siena (Horse Race) twice a year, the horse race takes place in the center circle (above).  Ten out of the 17 local cities compete to represent their city in the race.  This is an amazing event and if you are lucky enough to be in Siena whilst one is being held i'm sure it's a memory you would never forget.  We weren't so lucky as our trip missed both of this years races one being on the 2nd July and the other 16th August.

 How big!!!!  


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