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 Arriving in Florence we checked into the Villa Carlotta, not my favourite hotel but nice enough, the selling point was that is was over the road from the Boboli Gardens and a 15 minutes walk from the center.
After dropping off our bags and freshen up we went to explore.
How stunning is the Basilica of Santa Croce at night. 
We ate at Paszkowski's, this is one of the oldest cafes in the City.  Paszkowski is located in the oldest most magnificent square in Florence.  Outside the restaurant was a beautiful carousel this along with amazing food made the whole evening magical. 
There is nothing better than exploring Italy at night, this goes for all the cities, Florence tops my list but a Venice comes very close.  The architecture and history gives it a romantic feel.
My tribe love football so this place was bound to be a hit.  They were both in their element and i'm sure if Jack was with us he too would have loved it!   It's a football fans dream restaurant. 
 We sampled over 8 different gelato shops and this one was by far the best! 
Gelateria Santa Trinita, this place always had a queue a mile long. 
Ellissa was in her element in the Magnum Pleasure Store in Florence.  Her creation above was Vanilla ice cream, with dark classic chocolate, covered with caramel popcorn bits and a drizzle of white chocolate.  She loved it...however by this point i was completely done with ice cream and couldn't face anymore! 
Did i mention that Florence is full to the brim with amazing places to eat and drink...and don't get me started on desert! soooooooooo good!!!! 

I would recommend just exploring the streets of Florence because there is something amazing down every turn.  This is my favorite way to explore a new city.  
Ellissa is a Hard Rock Cafe fanatic and has set herself a goal to buy a tshirt from every Hard Rock she visits, on our trip we crossed of Florence and Rome which means she now has all of Italy covered! 
Check out my starter/drinks...this is by far the best value for money ever!  you get three drinks and they are not small and a bowl of chips and salsa for £8.00.  
And yes we had to ride the carousel once before we left. 
As typical tourist we visited the fountain of a boar (fontana Del Porellino).  Some say you rub a coin into his mouth/snout and make a wish before letting the coin drop through the grate below.

The story behind the pig is... Apparently the area was inhabited by Jews, and the governing body wanted to relocate them. In order to stop the Jews from returning, the pig was placed at the fountain. (It would have been untenable for the Jews to collect their water from the mouth of a pig.)

Okay so that's some of our trip to Florence, i still have the Gucci Museum and the Palazzo Pitti to share

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