Crathorne Hall Re-launch!

If you recall tragedy struck Crathorne Hall last year and nearly burnt down the hotel.  Lucky for them the fire was caught in time and only damaged the east wing.  The hotel staff being as amazing as they are managed to keep the hotel running and made it so every guest experienced the true Crathorne Hall magic!

I was lucky enough to be invited to celebrate the re-launch and stay over in one of the new rooms.
 This is one of there boardrooms (Durham) but it made lovely venue for an intimate dinner. 

i don't know about you but the first thing i do in a hotel is check out the bathroom and i have to say i wasn't disappointed!  

I know i had to get fancied up for dinner but i really wanted to sit in one of those comfy chairs and read! 
Yep can't wait to sleep in this baby! 
I got rather excited when  i noticed this (USB)!
 We had a lovely view of the Gardens from our room,
Whilst the Hubby showered i indulged in a magazine whilst sampling the chocolates.  

not sure if you spotted DB in the other pictures but he was a gift from Laura. x

Okay so as i ate the first chocolate i thought i would be nice and save half for i took a bit from every chocolate and left him the other half! hehe
Whilst getting ready a lovely waiter came to our room with complementary bubbles! 
A tipsy selfie at the end of the night. x
DB hitching a ride home! 

Thank you Laura and the staff at Crathorne Hall Hotel for a wonderful evening

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