Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside...

Last week was half term for the kids and what better way to spend a school holiday than a trip to the seaside!   Okay so it wasn't the sunny shores of Spain or even Dubai like some of her class mates but Whitby was good enough for me and is plenty good enough for my daughter!  

  I know the pictures make it look like a wonderful sunny day but that’s just my Hubby’s amazing camera skills, it was freezing and crazy windy!  

As soon as we arrived we climbed the 199 steps because it was so cold we needed to warm up somehow.  I like to think i am relatively fit but those stairs are something else, the wind kept taking my breath and skirt and my knees were groaning in protest.  Safely up and down the steps we decided it was still ridiculously cold so we ventured into the Captain James Cook Museum.  It’s an okay museum but the girls thought it was totally boring (to be 12 again).   

This brought us to lunch time and like everyone else we headed for the Magpie Cafe, the queue was ridiculous and i was too cold to wait forty minutes so we decided to chance it and eat in Harry’s.  It wasn't the Magpie’s fish and chips but it was pretty close. So good!
After lunch the girls wanted to go in to the arcades and try their luck on the 2p machines, this lasted over an hour!   We then decided to have a game of mini golf...i lost...because golf isn’t a spot!

Ending our visit with a walk down the pier we decided ice cream would be much better from Pacitto’s Redcar because NO ice cream tastes as good and trust me i sample ice cream everywhere i go! 

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