Thank you @therealgokwan

A couple of weeks back i was sat watching Waterloo road with Ellissa and noticed a very nice tailored waistcoat on one of the actors.  I searched every online shop i could think of but couldn’t find the one she wore anywhere. L This Tuesday i was working from home and just happened to have the TV on in the background and to my utter delight Gok was on ITV showing us what’s going to be huge this Spring/Summer and tailored waistcoats are it! Yippee!!!!! Gok teamed to navy waistcoat above with grey trousers and cream blouse and it look super stylish and perfect for the office.  I can’t wait till payday because i need this in my life!

Oh also we will be saying hello again to flares this Spring/Summer!

Have a lovely Valentines weekend! 

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