Spring/Summer is nearly here...@Coach @katespadeuk

I know spring isn’t here yet but the fact that it’s light when i get up and light when i leave the office has me all excited for Spring/Summer.  I’ve been mentally planning my S/S staple items of clothing and one thing i am in need of is a new handbag.  Okay so need is stretching it maybe i should have written want.  Yes i want a new handbag!   I currently have my eyes on two bags; the first is the Cedar Street Mini Maise by Kate Spade and the Swagger 20 Carryall in pebble leather by Coach.  Both these bags are mini bags that are super adorable and perfect for your phone, cash/cards and your lippy with no room for all the other rubbish i carry around with me on a daily basis.

This is the super adorable Cedar Street Mini Maise by Kate Spade

I can’t decide on which i love the most...help! 

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  1. Great post, love Kate Spade bags!! <3

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