Moschino A\W 2015 ....@Moschino #AW15

This week has been totally manic with work, family and general life but today i made time to watch the Moschino A\W 2015 runway show!  
As expected it was entertaining and made me smile so i am sharing the show with you because everyone needs a good Friday smile!. 

As you will know Moschino loves nothing more than setting the next quirky trend with added shock value and this collection gives you just that... i started smiling when the two peek yellow hat graced the screen and didn't stop through the whole show.  There were some head tilts when i couldn't decide if i liked the outfit or if it was just too out there for me.  Come on inside out jeans...they would get a head tilt out of anyone!   

Neon was front and centre too but I'm not really a neon kinda girl, maybe I'm too old?!

 As you can see the Looney Tunes seem to have been embraced in this collection in the style of sports tops (totally brought back Space Jam). The bugs bunny bag was my star accessory!

 Not sure about the Converse looking heels?!?!?!
 Same picture twice because it's just so darn cute! 

 I really love the print!
 This first dress is stunning, it looks super cute and elegant from the from and totally kick ass from the back! Love it!
The second dress is a typical Moschino gown, costs a bomb but made to look funky with the spray paint graffiti and can bag!

Anyway let me know what you think, what you like and dislike.

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