2015 Workout Outfit @nike @toeSox @fitbit

Following on from my last post i thought i would do a workout outfit post.

Yes i LOVE all things Nike, when it comes to sportswear they are simply the best in my option, i love their style and designs also i find most Nike running/workout clothing last years and wash really well. 
I don’t know about you but i am a little bit of a germ freak and i hate taking my shoes and socks off for Piloxing because the floors are so mucky.  I searched the internet to find something that would be suitable to wear on my feet, to my utter joy i found Toesox!  Toesox are the funny looking sock things above.  I ordered a pair straight away and i can’t wait until they come. 

Since my last post i have upped my steps to 15,000 steps a day because i found i was achieving 11,000 by dinner time and i wanted to push myself. 

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