It's a Bird...It's a Plane...its Fashion Girl!

"THAT charming Little Red Riding Hood sensibility, a heavy dose of practicality and
 a dash of super hero kapow! There's a lot to love about the cape, and it's making a 
play for your wardrobe this season"
Some people turn to God for help in a crisis i turn to Vogue, i know it's not the same but it calms me down and after flicking through the glossy pages i feel all is good in the world and i can move on with a clear head, it's just my way of dealing with everyday stress, i use Vogue as my bible. 

This month Vogue is all about the cape...yes that's right i said capes! Finally an excuses to wear a cape, not only will it make you feel fabulous and super stylish  you get to let your inner super geek/hero out! 

Will you be letting your inner superhero out this Autumn /Winter?

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