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This time of the year i love nothing more than coming home from work, enjoying a nice warm dinner (something comforting and stodgy) changing into my pj’s and snuggling up on the sofa for the night.  Yep this is what 90% of us Brits do once the dark nights set in, however all this sofa worshipping doesn't help our waist lines for the upcoming party season!  
So i have declared this October as...gym month!  I have set myself a challenge to go to the gym every day in October (and lay of the chocolate).
Feeling a little down about my office Christmas party being cancelled this year i lost my incentive to go to the gym in September, but a wedding invited dropped on my lap yesterday and what better motivation than a Christmas wedding to get me back on track.  And no it has nothing to do with other guests that are amazingly fit and tiny!  Only messing I'm not really that self-conscious as i am happy-ish with my size 12/14, yes losing a stone would make clothes look better on me but i just love chocolate too much and as long as i am fit and healthy that’s all that matters.
Getting back on track, so this month is all about fitness, the best fitness quote i ever read is “Dieting will make you look better in your clothes, exercise will make you look better naked” this is so true, we all have body hang-ups and i am not exempt to this so fitness first.  I know the quote above is a little different but it still carries the same massage!

Today is day 3 of my #October #Fitness #Challenge and i'm going strong...lets just hope i have the same attitude come day 20!

Gym Basics! 
Wish me luck and i will keep you posted on my progress! 

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