It's all about the shoes...

It's finally Autumn! 

We have had a lovely long Summer but it's finally over with the temperatures dropping and the leaves changing Autumn is upon us and i for one are excited about change is fashion.  Autumn is my favourite time of the year, I'm not to sure if it's because Christmas in on it's way or it's the dark cosy nights, whatever it is makes happy. 

Autumn fashion is superb, i love the colours, layers and coats, don't get me started on coats.  The hut for the perfect coat is an Autumn tradition for me, i start by spending numerous hours on-line, then hit the shops to try them on, only to then take me sweet time deciding.  More times than i can count i have wasted so much time deciding that they sell out and i have to start the process all over again.  I feel a good Winter coat shouldn't be rushed. :) 

Anyway today's post is about AW shoes, boots.  I'm loving flats at the moment, i spend my weekdays in heels and i like to give my feet a break on the weekend and wear flats, when i say flats i mean Converse, this is because all the flat's in the shops over the last couple of years have been ballet pumps, which are nice but a little to school like for me.  I am excited about the loafers, slipper style and pointed toe flats that have hit the shelves this AW, finally a flat i can get excited about!. 
Below are some of my favourites, how amazing are the Jimmy Choo red pumps?!?!
Like i said i wear heels for work and over the Summer months i have been wearing, pink, nude, mint, spotty and black court style heels, these colours are perfect for lighter colours but with the season changing so are my shoe colour choice and i get very tired of wearing black all the time.  
Here are my top AW pick's for court heels. 
We all need a fabulous pair of boots for AW, not just the super cute open heel/toe boots that are storming the shops at the moment.  Yes these are fabulous but really if my toes are cold i can't function. I need fully covered, can wear woolly socks with boots.  

These are my favourites, i adore the Mulberry boots, if i could afford them, i would have them in both colours. 

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