Happy Friday!

Last night I took my Daughter and her friends to see The Vamps,  having suffered through One Direction (Sorry, I just really don’t get them, they can’t even play an instrument!) I wasn't really expecting much from The Vamps, we saw them at North East live but you couldn't really hear them sing for all the screaming fans.  Newcastle City Hall proved the perfect venue for a concert, it is small enough that there isn't a bad seat; you could see the boys clearly from any point.  I was lucky enough to get Ellissa and her friend’s third row, center which meant I didn't have to hold her up so she could see. Perfect!
Merchandise bought, girls in their seats…time for the bar.   Not that I don’t normally support the opening act I just really needed a drink at this point!
With the venue being so small we were able to stand in the aisles and dance which is what we did, two Mum’s (mum dancing) to the Vamps, I really thought Ellissa would have made me stop but she was singing and dancing along with us.
Another plus was that these boys can really sing.  They can all play an instrument, write songs and sing.  It’s a good job I liked them as we will be seeing them again in May 2015!

Overall The Vamps were fabulous, best concert I have ever been to! 

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