Dior Addict Extreme 756 Fireworks

I have always loved Dior make up and have used it for years, it was my trusted brand that i knew what i get so i have never really veered away from it until you lovely Beauty Bloggers showed me there is more to make up than Dior.  So over the last year i have been cheating on Dior with MAC, Benefit & YSl.  However for my Birthday my wonderful Hubby bought me a new Dior lipstick and I’m back on Dior train.  If you have never used Dior cosmetics i would highly recommend them, yes they are a little pricy but 100% worth it.  I apply my make up around 07:45 in the morning and don’t touch it throughout the day.  In fact when i finish work and go to the gym i wipe my makeup off because it’s a little too much for the gym, the colours stay vibrant, and the foundation is light to apply and enhances my pale complexion with natural glow without the shine. Perfect!  

 Over the years i have become more adventurous with my lipstick colours, once over a lip balm would have been all i needed but now i feel naked without a splash of colour to my lips (i wonder if it’s an age thing?).  This colour is a vibrant red/orange (on me), i like the colour as it’s not too dark and is great for work. 

 I always feel i babble a little when trying to review a product so i will also incorporate their own words as i feel i don’t do the product justice.  I would give this product a 10/10 because it’s perfect for me.  Let me know what you think about Dior cosmetics and also if you have any trusted brands.
 Dior’s Bumf!

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick. Radiant Colour, Hold and Shine. Dior Addict fashion lipstick goes to the Extrême, with radiant colours, a perfect hold wet-look texture, and audacious, sophisticated Dior styles. At the heart of this new soft, sensual texture lie 4 specialist waxes, acting in a targeted manner to correctly combine these extremes in a single formula. This veritable technical feat achieves perfect hold, comfort, and shine in an astonishingly fine film. Dior Addict Extrême is available in 12 shades of pure radiant pigment, from nudes to the boldest shades, exploring all the facets of Dior elegance. A new style means a new dress code: the Dior Addict case plays on transparent, vibrant black - black as in perfection, mystery and timelessness.

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