Yep, my desk is a hot mess!

Apparently personalizing your workspace can improve job satisfaction and productivity!

 Hmmm, looking around my office and workstation I think I have taken “personalizing” my desk to a whole new level, in one corner I have my shrine to my children (10 Photos), above my monitors I have my superhero Lego mini figures and finally my crazy collection of Post-it stationery such as a handbag, compact,  high heels and a cocktail glass.  Yep my desk is a hot mess!   Having decided I am in desperate need of an office makeover I spent some time browsing Pinterest for ideas.  I love some of the ideas but my office is “Company property” so as much as I would love to “out with the old, in with the new” I am limited to the arrangement and stationery/accessories.  
Still Pinterest have given me many ideas that I might be able to adapt to my situation, here are some of the pins I found and loved.
How about your workstation? Is it a cluttered mess or a stylish inviting space? 

I will post a picture on Instagram once it’s completed and you can tell me what you think. 

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