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 1, My Big Bro got engaged this weekend and to celebrate we all went for a meal, this isn't my bag but my Sisters, one day it will be mine (evil laugh). 2, My yummy burger from Central Park. 3, What better way to spend the weekend than chilling on the sofa with the latest Company Magazine. 4, We really did move from the sofa, we went to the gym and walked the dog...but ended the day with a Domino's pizza and movies.
 1, As you can see i am getting very excited about my Holiday to NYC... 10 days and counting. 2, i am in love with all things Moschino and these nails are epic. 3, The bottom two pictures are the wrong way round, i ate the muffin for breakfast and made amends by eating peaches the next day. healthy balance and all that!
1, I decided that i needed a change and i was going to start with my hair, i have had long locks for as long as i can remember and they just needed to go.  I am one of those who hum and haw about changing my hair every couple of months and always end up chickening out, so this time i decided on the Wednesday and booked the appointment for the following Saturday.  even with everyone's pleas i chopped it off. I love it and to top it of i have donated my hair to Cancer Connection and hopefully my hair will be used for a wig for a child. 
2, I have been dragging Ellissa to the gym, she enjoys the bikes...i think it has something to do with the fact that she can do exercise whilst watching E4! 3, Afternoon tea really was a treat, it was such a British thing to do! 4, Marvel toptrumps for the flight to NYC. 

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