“I have nothing to wear" @ASOS

I am a women that believes that you can Never have enough dresses.  I currently have 87 dresses, some might say this is too many but really is it?!?!  Would we have told Carrie Bradshaw she had to many pairs of shoes? No!  Anyway...in 10 Day my feet will be finally gracing the streets of New York (I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’m going to New York...right!).  As i have been obsessing over my holiday outfits and having way to many “i have nothing to wear” moments my wonderful Hubby took pity on my and bought me four new dresses as an early Birthday present...yes i am a lucky lady!

What do you think of my lovely new ASOS dresses? 

So that’s four days down.... only 12 to go! 

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