Weekend In Liverpool...

My Hubby's Dragon Boat Team/Club were competing in Liverpool last weekend and Ellissa and i decided to tag along for the ride, well we hadn't been to Liverpool and who doesn't love a roadtrip! 
My much needed essentials for the trip! 

On the way we stopped at The Trafford Centre, i have to say it is the most beautiful shopping centre i have ever seen! (pics from google)

 On our first night whilst out looking for a restaurant we came upon these colourful ladies...yep they are in rollers, tracksuits and Uggs!   At first we thought this was just a one off, for a laugh maybe a hen party etc, but the further we got down the dock we saw more and more women wearing rollers in their hair!  It was really funny, i couldn't understand it, these women were stunning, fabulous outfits, perfect make-up, catwalk body's (most) but rollers!!!!!!!

After our dinner at Nandos...yep, Ellissa is now loving Nandos! we went back to the hotel. 
Ellissa Loved the Doorman and Red carpet! 
and jumping on the bed! 
Sunday we had a full day ahead with Hubby racing all day and sightseeing.
Ellissa was appointed team photographer.

A well deserved drink after a hard day racing.


 All in all it was a lovely weekend and Liverpool is stunning!

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