My month on Instagram...

 1, Ellissa with her new Animal cushion, she has decided that because Tristan from The Vamps loves Animal from the Muppets, she does too hence the head size cushion.  2, This is a very excited Ellissa meeting The Vamps James & Tristan (@TheVampsband @TheVampsBrad @TheVampsCon @TheVampsJames @TheVampsTristan).  3, Ellissa and i spent a lovely day shopping in York. 4, Yesterday's outfit! 5, How AMAZING is my new bag! Summer Perfection! 6, "What would Blair Waldorf Do? pencils. 7, on the way home from the Sealife centre Ellissa and i stopped for a HUGE but super yummy ice cream! 8, Ellissa and i at The Sealife Centre & 9, Yeah i finally got one! Fifi Lapin phone case.
1, Marc Jacobs nail varnish, the colour is amazing. 2, More Issues than Vogue phone cover. 3, After a long day shopping at the Metro Centre i was finally able to relax with a cuppa and a nice Donut. 4, More of my inner Geek is escaping, love my new keyring s Superheroes Rock! 5, Ellissa is having a Mask party, this is her shopping for the perfect one. 6, Yes another phone cover...yes i have a problem...but my phone needs to be pretty!. 7, My Dining table on Easter Sunday. 8, Ellissa munching on Ben & Jerry's at the IMAX waiting to watch Spider-man (Which is totally Epic). 9, who doesn't love Eminem? H&M have this amazing selection of tee's at the moment, they are all from the 90's.   

I hope you all had an amazing Easter Holiday. 

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