Thank you Post 1

So you have probably seen my recent tweets or Instgram pics about all the freebies I have received lately, well I thought I would do a couple of posts as a Thank you!

My first freebie Thank you is to the wonderful people at Monty PR and Amelie from Mandara Spa Products.

couldn't have received these products on a better day; I was feeling really sore from running and was in need of some TLC.  After opening the products my evening was sorted…a relaxing soak in the tub with the (I have to say AMAZING) Amber Heaven moisturising bath essence.  I found this to be light and not at all greasy like I have found some bath oils.  After enjoying a few chapters of Rock Chick Revenge (a series by Kirsten Ashley, which I love), I washed with the conditioning shower cream.  The aroma in my bathroom was amazing, I love these products but it’s the smell that wins.  

After what felt like hours in the bath I got out, smothered myself in the softening body cream & hand cream, wrapped myself in my beautifully soft Ted Baker robe and curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and my kindle.  All in all I have to say as pamper evenings go this was the most relaxing I have experienced at home. 

As you can see I LOVE the Mandara Spa, Amber Heaven collection to the point where I got rather excited when I spotted it in Sainsbury’s in the Mothers Day section, it was also discounted so I grabbed myself a couple of bottles to keep me going till summer.  As Mothers Day gifts go this is a really good idea, just make sure you also carve out the time for your Mother to spend a couple of hours pampering herself.

I don’t really do many beauty post because I am a women of simple needs, I don’t experiment with my make up or beauty products simply because I don’t really want to waste money on products I don’t know much about, what I do tend to do is work on freebies (magazines or House of Fraser samples etc) or beauty bloggers reviews.  Thank you Mandara for introducing me to your products as I can safely say you have a new customer.

I was lucky enough to receive two Spa Getaway Travel Bags and I will get round to trying the Honeymilk Dream but right now I just love the Amber Heaven, I don’t know if it’s the Jasmine flower milk or the Patchouli but I just adore the scent.  Oh and I can guarantee these products will be coming to New York with me! 

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