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Yesterday I finally meet up with a friend, we try to schedule a couple of meets a year but life seems to always get in the way and by the time we finally do see each other it seems we are always exchanging gifts, belated Birthday or Christmas presents.  It’s lovely though as we get presents at random times throughout the year.  We spend a couple of hours catching up and putting the world to rights with a latte and cake.   This meet we exchanged Birthday presents (6 months later ;)) and Chris had bought me the most adorable mug I have ever seen, to the point where I Googled the designer and found out that my super cute mug is part of a set! Yippee!!!    

I have no idea how this adorable collection slipped by.   I love that each piece in the "Bunny Blossom" Dinnerware set is sequentially numbered from an edition of 1000.   


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