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Look what I just found…stalking Psyche’s blog I spotted a new Jewellery designer that they are now stocking.  Daisy London, I must have been living under a rock for me to just hear about these amazing fashion pieces.  Check them out, I know I have added a couple to my 2014 wish list.

Daisy London Jewellery founder Noel Boyd would set up his stall on London’s Portobello Road market, selling his imported Mexican jewellery to ‘loved-up hippies’. Born from a love of all things exotic and traveling to distant shores; Daisy London continues to push the boundaries and set trends. Noel’s son, James, has now took the helm of the company, bringing with him new talent and fresh ideas – just see London’s global success story the Chakra bracelet.

Daisy London - Chakra
Daisy’s, now iconic, interpretation of the ancient Buddhist chakra symbols is worn by both celebrities and fashion editors worldwide. One of the most recognisable jewellery trends of the last decade we have brought it to Psyche just for you.
Daisy London – Vintage
The Daisy London Vintage range is inspired by an elegant country garden. The simple and distinctive nature of the quintessentially English Vintage collection have made it a firm favourite.
Daisy London - Halo
Known as ‘the Pendant With Endless Possibilities…’ the Halo collection allows you to choose from two different chain lengths, three different holders and over 100 different coins. Coming to our online store soon the range allows you to personalise your jewellery your way. Choose from silver, gold and rose gold across the range or you could even mix and match!
‘Dream. Create. Adore.’
Daisy London Good Karma
Pearls of wisdom and hearts of truth combine your hopes and dreams with the beauty of precious jewellery. Wear alone or multi layer your own arm party with a selection of these good luck charms to help you define your own life’s path.
The Celebs love Daisy London too!! 
Tracy xx

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