My wonderful Hubby has booked our 2014 holiday and guess what people…I’m going to NEW YORK!!

We are currently in the planning process and up to now we are staying at the Waldorf Astoria taking in a show and going to a Yankees game, as well as the must do and see touristy stuff.  It is going to be epic!
As a fashion addict I am hoping to have my very own Angela Clark (I heart New York) shopping experience, to achieve this I need to save my pennies, so I have put myself on a spending ban.  From 1st January – 31st March I am not allowed to buy any clothing for myself!  I just need to keep telling myself it will be worth it.

So this weekend whilst playing chauffeur to my Daughter and her friends I popped in to Boots.  Remember I said no clothes…I never said anything about make up!  At the moment in Boots all Bourjois products are buy one get one free!  I have always used Bourjois products on my eyes as I love their liquid eye-liner it’s light, easy to apply and lasts all day. 
I would be crazy not to take advantage of the deal so I got myself the Khol & Contour pencil all you wonderful video-bloggers are raving about.  Not stopping there I noticed the cute little round pot blush, I think I wanted this more because the pot was a sweet little thing.  However because I needed that cute little pot I could get something else half price, I decided on their Happy Light Foundation.  Having not used this foundation before I was really surprised!  I found the foundation light and really pleasant to wear!
I always apply my foundation after my moisturiser and some foundations feel heavy on my skin but like it says on the bottle “Happy Light” is correct, it left me with a flawless complexion and it matched my skin tone perfectly, seriously you would think it would be easy to match pasty but no!  This is the perfect foundation to wear in the summer too, as it’s so light!

The bottle says: complexion is left luminous and flawless for 16 hrs in any light with an ultra-natural finish.

And it's good for my skin: 8 hr hydration Dermatologically tested and approved by 94% of women 
I have been using the Bourjois Pinceau Eyeliner for years and I wouldn’t use anything else for during the day, it fine high precision brush applicator is easy to use, and the perfectly curved line last all day.  It a product that is easy to use 5***** from me! 
Now I have heard loads about the Khol & Contour pencil that I was expecting greatness!  It’s not a good as my Yves Saint Laurent lasting waterproof eye pencil but it’s a good second and at a fraction of the price!  I would say that if you are on a budget this is the eye pencil for you!
Finally the Little Round PotBlush!  The first thing I am going to say about this is the smell, it smells amazing.  It goes on nice and light and looks natural.  The one thing I would say about this product is because it’s a powder & water solution baked its quite hard to use with a soft blush brush, I found using a hard powder brush works best.  Oh and the pot is super cute! 
Tracy xx

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  1. ah i'm so incredibly jealous that you're going to new york! i've never been and hopefully i'll get the chance to go soon