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A few months ago I was just having my daily dose of Daily Mail news when I spotted Jessica Alba in the most amazing jumper ever!  Not only is the jumper super stylish it’s quirky too.  It’s not a shock that I love this jumper with my huge superhero obsession, so yes as soon as I saw this jumper I had to have it.

I spent my lunch hour scouring the wed for said jumper and couldn’t find it anywhere! L (A very sad Tracy)

Then a month later Target announce their collaboration with Philip Lim and low and hold their was the BOOM jumper! However it just couldn’t be that easy!  Target, don’t ship internationally! Another wall!

At this point I am pretty desperate to get this jumper that I’m seriously looking in to getting one made!

Then the beautiful Marissa from Steals in Heels offers to get me one and ship it! Queue excited clapping!

Now I can’t wait to get my hands the pretty jumper and I will forever be in her debt!

My Hubby is jetting off to Austin in a couple of weeks and I would have been begging him to scour as many Target stores as he could to get me this jumper, so Marissa I am sure Pete is also in your debt!

Tracy xx

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