My Weekend in pictures...

Friday night was fabulous; Me, Pete and a couple of friends went to see Sarah Millican at the Town Hall.  I have to say I was a little apprehensive as some comedians are really funny on TV when it's scripted but their stand up shows aren't as good, but there was no need to worry as she was hilarious.  Her stories/jokes were aimed more towards the female audience but none the less still very funny.
My Sarah Milican Badge!

We then proceeded to drink the night away; yep I was feeling it the next day!

I finally got to wear my fabulous Ted Baker skirt but forgot to take a #ootd picture, I hope this will do!

Saturday was a blur of shopping, hair styling and chauffeuring Ellissa and her friends around.

They do look beautiful though!
 Sunday was a day of baking.  I was baking cakes for a co-workers sister’s baby shower. 

 My Beautiful Thank you flowers. :) 

All in all I busy weekend and I could do with a weekend to get over the weekend. J

Tracy xx

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