My Saturday Night...

I had a fabulous Saturday night with my in-laws celebrating my Hubby’s Birthday.  We ate drank and get very merry! J
  Treacle Tart & Ice Cream (i'm still not eating chocolate and it's been three weeks).
I enjoyed a cheeky G&T before the end of the night!
Even though we were having a meal in a county pub I still wanted to feel dressed up as it was a celebration.  I decided on my BIG skirt from H&M (I really love this skirt), a fuax leather tee with red Valentino’s and my new phone cover.
  Sorry about my Pictures at the moment, i need a new camera. All suggestions are welcome.
  My pretty new phone case.
  You can also store money in the back! 
  Red shoes, Red Phone Case and Red Nails
 I Adore this skirt! 

Sunday was a little hectic.  I had taken Ellissa and her friends shopping and when i say shopping i mean i drop them off and hang around the town for a couple of hours for them!  The joys of motherhood, we are at the phase where she doesn't want me with her but not to far away in case she needs me or my purse! 

I ended up spending an hour in Costa reading on my ipad. :) 

The afternoon was lovely as we visited with Pete's parents and enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea.  

Tracy xx


  1. Love those Valentino heels - jealous!

    1. They are so pretty, i would like the heels to be a little bigger but they are still stunning! xx

  2. How lovely - and the Afternoon Tea looks delicious!

    1. Hi Madelein,

      Afternoon Tea at my Mother-in-laws is always superb however i feel like i am in a sugar coma when i go home. ;)