My Week in Pictures…

This week has been a busy old week, it started with my wonderful Granddad passing away, which let’s face it, it's not the best way to start the week, but hey, he lived a long happy life.
 Tuesday was Ellissa’s first day at Secondary School and she looks all grown up!
Hot chocolate for my big girl!
What better way to make me feel better than an afternoon of shopping!  I used my birthday voucher from the girls and bought this fabulous dress.

 I know you don't really see the dress but i will do a post next week to show it off! 

My super cute new a pair get a pair FREE! 
With the money from my Parents and Sister I ordered some Valention Red on Red Rockstud Pumps and I can’t wait until they arrive. Eeek!

 I also bought a skirt I have been stalking for a while from River Island which I will post about in my weekend outfit!

Friday is finally upon us and I am so glad the working week is nearly over, I am pooped!  Tomorrow is going to be manic too; I have 30 football cupcakes to make as well as a party to attend!

What's happened to the weather?! 
 A nice Starbucks for lunch! Happy Days!

I really am looking forward to my lazy F1 Sunday, if the weather is still rubbish i might even get a spot of reading done...oh i meant house work! ;) 

Check out my Instagram @TracyxHodgson to see how the weekend unfolds.

New Outfit of the days post next week I promise! Finally got the camera sorted J

Tracy xx

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