My Birthday Wish List...

Like most women i always make a Birthday wish list, i can't help it there is something so relaxing about looking on-line and through catalogues and making wish lists, i end up spending all my imaginary money and dipping in to my lottery winnings, you know when i actually win the lottery! it's madness but it's fun and even though i am getting older this is something i have a feeling i will still be doing in my 80's!


 so on my Birthday wish list i have these AMAZING shoes from ZARA, because there are sooooo FABULOUS i have added both colours! 
I spotted this dress on Hannah's blog and fell in love with it! 
And these two have been on my wish list for a while now!
These Christian Louboutin's are stunning!
A classic monogram Louis Vuitton Shopper!

Tracy xx

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