Italy...Lake Garda, Mantua & Milan...

I officially LOVE Italy!  Venice blew me away last year with its amazing food, architecture & style,  I truly thought nothing would compare, even though Lake Garda is a slower paced part of Italy it still holds as much beauty and style. 
I love the spoons...i wonder if my kitchen can pull them off?!?!?

 We stayed in Desenzano which is a small town that borders the south of Lake Garda.  We were perfectly located that a small boat ride and we were exploring Sirmione, Garda & Lonato.  Each town has its own personality which is adorable oh and FANTASTIC gelato!!!
Ellissa had to try the Puffo gelato (blue), which we think was bubblegum and named after the Smurfs! 
  How amazing that every town had it's own Castle!
 Desenzano nightlife
As we were so close to the Fashion Capital of Italy we couldn't not go… Yeah a shopping day in Milan!

An amazing sunset!
Tracy xx

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  1. Looks amazing your photos are stuunning! I'd love to go to Italy one day
    Glad you had a great time :)
    Meg xx (new follower)