Iconic Bags! Chanel, Hermés Kelly Bag & Hermés Birkin bag...

Bags, one thing us women can’t seem to live without, it’s not something that has happen as of late, women have always craved the nicer things in life and here are a few iconic bags that have been around longer than Des O’Conner  

The Satchel 1950’s

The Satchel is perhaps the bag many people associate with childhood and thanks to The Cambridge Satchel Company, the satchel is a must have 60 years on!


Coco Chanel’s Quilted Shoulder Bag 1955.
 The luxurious quilted shoulder bag has become as synonymous with the Chanel brands as those two other great fashion icons, the little black dress and the tweed suit.

How about a little history!

Gabriele ‘Coco’ Chanel took inspiration from her youth when designing the iconic Chanel bag.  It’s said that the diamond quilting was variously inspired by the jackets of stable lads and stained-glass windows of the Abbey near her Convent School, the burgundy lining by the colour of her School uniform, and the hand-braided chain strap by the key chains that dangled from the waists of the Nuns…The Catholic-tinged aura of sinful luxury is compounded when one discovers that the zipped compartment in the front flap is said to be a reference to a secret place in her own handbag where she kept her Billets-doux.

Hermés Kelly Bag 1956

The say the Kelly bag is perhaps the iconic bag of the twentieth century; its combination of demure simplicity and unabashed luxury makes it the epitome of classic style.

Originally designed in the 1930’s by Robert Dumas-Hermés, it shot to stardom and celebrity status in 1956 when supremely elegant Grace Kelly was scarcely without her Hermés Kelly Bag!

 Hermés Birkin Bag 1984

To this day I will never forget that scene in Sex in the City when Samantha was told there was a 5 year waiting list for the world’s most coveted handbag.  Each Birkin Handbag is handmade and takes 48 hours and the prices run from just over £4,000.00 to £80,000.00 depending on the rarity of the leather and the custom additions, such as salt-water crocodile, diamonds or silvery-recherché options.

 Tracy xx

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