Kate Spade New York

If I could dress in head to toe Kate Spade everyday for the rest of my life I would be happy.  I adore the colours, style and quirkiness she uses in all her designs; they match my personality to a tee.
Over the years I have seen US based bloggers wearing Kate Spade and browsed their online store, I always liked what I saw but with the distance (shipping) and cost I was always a little put off, however after visiting a store last November I felt like the mother ship had called me home! (Geek alert) I walked around the store in a colourful daze eeking and clapping at all the pretty, I could have bought it all if only my bank balance would have allowed it. I settled on a handbag and dress but if I had the money I would have walked away with a whole wardrobe full of amazing outfits.

You can see below that Kate Spade LOVES colour and cutesiness!

Kate Spade Satchels 

 I adore stationery and these are just fabulous! 


 I LOVE this skirt!

If you have never heard of Kate Spade NY check out her site here

Tracy xx

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