Happy Monday!

Well my weekend consisted of spending my Saturday helping out at the school fair where i spent 4 hours painting children's nails, needless to say i had an extremely bad head and was in need of wine! 
It was my friend's Son's Birthday this weekend and his cake was unbelievable!!! 
They Smelt AMAZING!

Saturday night we went out to the Mexican for dinner and it was lovely as the last thing i wanted to do after painting nails all day was cook food! 
Ellissa & Dani having some faecal fun! 
On Sunday Ellissa, Dani and i went along to the Middlesbrough Vintage Fair.  it was really sweet and the girls loved it, well apart from the fact the clothes were all second hand, that kind of grossed them out! Kids these days! 

i got very excited by this but it was a size 6 !  (i wish)

How Hogwarts do they look?
This jewellery was stunning and we all bought ourselves a necklace, i am sure you will see it soon enough on an Outfit post. www.littleoldmevintage.com 

Our Yummy cake, tea for two! 


Today is a sad day and a happy day in my household. My daughter has gone on her first school trip, three whole days without an communication. :(:( But today is also my 6th Wedding Anniversary and me and the hubby are going to celebrate with a night at the IMAX and a nice meal and hotel. 
My Nails are also celebrating the LOVE!

i am pretty spoilt and i got some fabulous presents, my Kate Spade Necklace and bracelet along with my Gucci perfume and compact.   

Tracy xx


  1. Tracy I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Details on my blog :D x http://londonbirdlucy.blogspot.co.uk All the best!