Weekend Picture Diary...

Happy Monday!

I thought I would do a weekend picture diary post, hope you like it!

Friday night was my very good friend’s birthday party and as I haven’t been out in weeks I intended on getting all dolled up and letting my hair down!
Dress H&M (here)
Shoes ZARA (here)
Bag River Island (Here)
Bangle - My Sister! (Thanks Sis)
Watch - Michael Kors (Here) 

Oh my good friend Mr Hill! (Not such a good friend the next morning!).
I was ridiculously hung-over to the point  were I was totally useless until lunch time when i stuffed myself with Mc D's, then I proceeded to snuggle on the sofa with Ellissa whilst we watched Pitch Perfect!

Sunday Ellissa and I went shopping as as I had already spent my budget this month it was all about her and she loved it!
My recent purchases - my AMAZING ZARA heels & my 2 H&M Necklaces (here) and some super cute bracelets from ASDA. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 
Tracy xx


  1. You look amazing, that dress is gorgeous! Really lovely :)


    1. Thank you Madeleine,

      I thought the train was a little much but once i had a couple of glasses of wine i embraced the glamour.