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Back in February the wonderful people at Monty PR sent me some Soap and Glory products to review, I reviewed one here but have taken my sweet time to review the others  for the following reason: I am a fussy women and I couldn't decide if I liked the smell of the products and so I thought I wouldn't be able to do the products justice but I got over the smell and decided to try them out and I have to say both the ‘Foam Call’ body wash and the ‘Butter Yourself ‘ body cream fabulous! 

 I am a true girly girl and the fact that S&G products are pink with a 40’s feel that look amazing on the bathroom shelf makes them an easy buy.   
Foam Call Body Wash: I have normal skin and can generally use most products and rarely have a reaction, so I tend to buy what’s on offer that week, not because I’m cheap I just find it’s a good way to try different products and not get stuck in a body wash rut, however I think I have found a product I would buy again and again.  The Foam Call body wash has super moisture-suds that left my skin feeling silky smooth and that in turn give me a luxurious feeling and I think that is worth more because if you feel good about your skin you tend to feel good about yourself, well that’s the case for me.  This product comes with a handy pump that is easy to use in the shower.
Butter Yourself Rich Smoothing Body Cream:  Again perfect packaging!  This product has a similar smell to the Foam Call but not as strong I thought which was great for me.  I’m not normally a fan of thick body creams/butters as they take much longer to dry and can leave your skin feeling tacky and uncomfortable however I liked the consistency of this butter, it was softer than I expected and easy to apply, it still took a time to dry but the results were better than I expected and my legs felt smooth to the touch and that feeling lasted the whole day which was nice.  I do feel this product is perfect for the summer days when you have bare legs.  Also it’s great for feet, smother your feet in the butter, slip on a pair of socks (I know a passion killer!) and the next morning your feet will be fabulously smooth.  My only recommendation is I would have liked some sort of tool to remove the butter from the pot as every time I used it the butter got stuck down my nails.

You can find all the Soap & Glory products here  at Soap& 
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  1. soap and glory is fantastic, im hooked!

    1. Me too, Boot's have 3 for 2 at the moment on the above products and the pulp fiction body was. :) xxx