Soap & Glory - Pulp Fiction

Happy Sunday!

So since my fabulous trip to London I have been holed up in bed with flu and feeling pretty much like death hence no Fashion posts but I’m back and i have some fab new products to share.

Whilst I was ill I received a little gift from Monty PR, they were kind enough to send me some Soap & Glory products to try which was the pick me up I needed as  yesterday was my Mum’s Birthday party and  I was determined to go regardless to how I felt.
So yesterday I spent an hour in the shower testing these products and I have to say they are fabulous:
First Product i will be reviewing is  - Pulp Fiction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub. I just love the look of all Soap & Glory products, they instantly draw my attention with the playful colours and girly designs but the best part about this product for me was the small it is a blend that is perfect for a women, fruity yet subtle enough to not over power your perfume.   I am one of the unlucky people who suffer from pimples on my upper arms and need to exfoliate every day and some products are ultra rough and leave my skin sore however that wasn't the case with this product, it left me feeling refreshed and smelling fabulous if I do say so myself. The thin liquid with small exfoliating beads are much kinder to my skin. It comes in a large 250ml tube which is fabulous as it will last a month (hopefully) and is reasonably priced at £8.00 you can buy it here Soap & Glory
I will give this product a Tracy rating

I will review the others throughout this week. 

Thanks for bearing with me whilst i was ill. 
Tracy xx


  1. I'm really getting into Soap and Glory at the moment, these look lovely! Hope you're feeling better soon! xo

    1. I am loving their products more and more. :) xx

  2. Just pinched some - it's great - sorry - your loving hubby xx

    1. Thats all right, what mine is yours and all that! ;) xx