London Fashion Week #LFW

I am lucky enough to be spending this week in London, we are doing all the touristy things such as Harry Potter Studio, Westfield Shopping Centre, The London Eye, Science Museum, Baker Street, Tower of London and of course seeing a show, Wicked!!!  Even though i am in London spending time with my family it's also London Fashion Week and i can tell you i have see some AMAZING outfits, seriously i always thought i was a good dresser and quite fashionable but these women look like they have just walked of the cover of Vogue or Elle! Just stunning. I didn't feel right asking them if i could take a photo so i thought i would try and recreate their looks on Polyvore and share them with you. Hope you like them. 

Tracy xx


  1. This are both such awesome outfits! Very sleek and fun. The heart tee is my favorite!


    1. Thanks Mia,

      I loved seeing all the fashionistas that were in London this week.