Weekend in Pictures

Instagram Weekend!

My weekend was crazy busy, Ellissa started her new drama group and had a friend to sleep. My Mum decided she IS going to have a 50th Birthday party which is fantastic! My Mum is totally fabulous and is always there for everyone, it’s time she realised how loved she is and I think a huge party with all her family and friends will do just that!
Postman Pat brought a very nice Wedding invite and i have to say it all looks rather high-brow but hell yes i'm going! 

 I was getting over this stupid bug that is going around and generally feeling sorry for myself (hence my absence from twitter, you don't need to read about how rubbish I feel!) but my fabulous hubby bought my some comics and dvd’s that cheered me right up and I spent Saturday afternoon on the sofa with Ellissa watching Avengers Assemble! Awesome Movie!!!!! 
Saturday night in the Hodgson household is Family night, Jack stays, Ellissa tends to have a friend round and it's general madness but I wouldn't have it any other way! However it is nice when the kids are in bed and I get to relax on the sofa with my candles on whilst looking through cook books for inspiration. Bliss!

My Sunday outfit was my Farm Yackers Look! Wellies, jeans, shirt, jumper and quilted jacket! I love it! 
Sunday was lovely as the kids were doing their own thing so Pete and I went over to Richmond to visit the in-laws.  We went on a  lovely walk with Rosie-dog round the river and enjoyed the fresh air! Sorry Middlesbrough but you are limited on that!

Sunday evening was Mr Selfridge time; I have to say I love it! What do you think?!?!

oh just before you fall asleep, i wanted to show you this fantastic sign Pete bought me for Christmas, it's so sweet!

Tracy xx


  1. I love love love your jumper!And your sign too! xxx

    1. Thanks Abelia,

      I love this sign, its sooooo cute! In my kitchen i have a picture/words.


  2. Great pictures and always such lovely posts! Ive nominated you for the Liebster Award...check it out (sorry if youve already done it before) xx


    1. WOW thank you so much Madeleine, it means so much people even stop by and read my little blog.