McQueen & Fifi

Happy Wednesday!

You all know how much i LOVE Alexandra McQueen, he was a Legend and his fashion house will live on in his great name! However that is not what i wanted to share today, like i said i love McQueen and i have recently found Fifi, for those of you who don't know Fifi, Fifi Lapin is the worlds most fashionable rabbit. Yep i said rabbit!
Okay so she is a cartoon but a bloody fantastic cartoon! Fifi began her blog in 2007 and is now the belle of the style world; she has been featured in Elle magazine and they dubbed her "the worlds most stylish bunny". Fifi has designed collections for Topshop, ASOS & H&M, (My daughter has a tee and it is super cute).  Fifi has also authored the chic rabbits guide to contemporary fashion with a book called 'What shall i wear today'.  This book is on my NEED list, i can't seem to find it anywhere, well it's on eBay for £250 plus which is out of my price range, if anyone know where i can get a copy at a resonable price and is in stock please let me know, like i said it''s on my NEED list.

Check out Fifi HERE and i have enclosed some fabulous McQueen outfits modelled by Fifi


Tracy xx 


  1. I say fire the fashion models and hire Fifi. She makes the clothes look great and probably doesn't charge too much for modeling.

  2. Hi Joyce,

    I love that, you are right Fifi looks much better in the clothes! FAB