2012, A year in Pictures!

WOW! It’s the last day of the year!

2012 for me was a fantastic year thanks to my amazing family and friends; I just hope 2013 will be the same!

A quick rundown in pictures:
1) Me at The Belfry Hotel for my BF's Spa weekend. 2)Ellissa loving spring! 3)Mine & Pete's Croft Touring car tickets. 4) Ellissa & Own on his 5th Birthday! 
1)Me in York for another friends Birthday weekend! 2)This blouse was worn alot in 2012! 3)I Love M&M's. 4)Spy Ellissa (she wants to work for MI5).
These photo's are from our holiday in the Lakes. 1)Ellissa feeding the penguins. 2)My wonderful Dog Rosie. 3)The cutest chicken coop! 4)Me, Ellissa, Rosie & Emilie splodging.
Venice, Venice has been on my wish list for soooooo long! and i have to say it didn't disappoint, Venice is truly magical!
My 30th Birthday Presents! (i know i am crazy lucky)! 
1)My wonderful New Car! 2)My Michael Kors watch. 3)Me, Jo, Vik & V at my Mexican Party! 4)My Ferrari 458 Drive.

My Birthday Spa Girls Weekend!
My amazing trip to Austin USA, where we meet the wonderful Marissa & Romeo. 
And finfally Christmas! 

Tracy xx


  1. Love it... amazing pics!

    So jealous of your trip to the USA. It's my 30th in June next year (i.e. the year that starts in 2 hours) and I've been dropping hints about going to New York (well not so much hints as demands!) for the past 3 years. Fingers crossed!

    And Venice too... another place I want to visit! Looks like you had a fab year.

    Have a great night tonight and Happy New Year when it comes :-) x

    1. Hey Sally, Happy New Year!

      the trip to USA was amazing, i meet up with Marissa (steals in Heels) and we just had a blast. The USA is fabulous, we toured California in 2010 and it was unforgettable. I REALLY, REALLY want to go to New York but hubby doesn't :(

      Venice is magical and i would go back/live there in a heartbeat.

      Love Txx