Tracy's ramble!

Morning Lovely Ladies,

This is just a general Tracy ramble.  As you may have guessed I love to wear dresses, this is because I have thighs the size of small buildings and I find dresses fit my shape better. So anyway, I work in an office, and my attire has to be business-like, which can be rather boring so I tend to try and add a little (Tracy) fun by wearing crazy bright coloured tights.  Tights are the one thing I couldn't live without, I love all the bold colours that you can get at the moment and they make any boring business outfit pop. So if you take anything away for my little ramble then its wear tights and the colourful the better!!!

Tracy xx


  1. wow .. they look lovely. I too am very conscious of my legs because of the marks! these are a must try for me!

  2. Hey,

    Coloured tights are the way forward and they make the most boring outfit pop!

    If you get some post about them.


  3. Wish i had the courage to wear a really bright pair, love those Oxblood ones!

    1. Hey Gennine,

      I just adore coloured tights, they are fabulous, you should try them, you will love them.