Superhero Friday!

Happy Friday!

Last night I spent the evening watching The Big Bang Theory which I am totally addicted to, I love how geeky/funny they are, what's  funny is I work with very similar geeky guys, who are totally awesome!  My outfit today was inspired by the TBBT New Years Eve episode; I wasn't going to get away with dressing as one of the justice league superheroes to the office so I just rocked my Bat-girl tee!

If you look very close you can see my Christmas tree on my nail!
I really wished i had red shoes today, i used to own three pairs but binned them all! (WHY-oh-WHY?) 
I love this lip ring, i am adding bright colours to what is a rather dull black outfit!

 I really do love The Big Bang Theory, the above pics are just fabulous! 

Who did you see? 
Tracy xx


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