Centre Parcs

Happy Monday Morning Ladies,

My Monday post is an Instagram-ish post of the weekend’s antics, I went to Centre Parcs with 10 of my closest friends and it was a blast, we drink, eat and were merry. As you know this time of year gets crazy and we can never set a date where all 11 of us can get together so we book this weekend away and celebrate our Christmas, we exchange secret Santa presents, eat loads and drink like our lives depend on it and so we cram a whole weeks festivities in one weekend! 

wasn't feeling the Christmas love before I went to CP, but seriously how could I not get carried away with all the festivities on show! 
1)Like I said we drank A LOT! I will need a month just to get it out of my system.
  2)This is my wonderful secret Santa gift of Bex, thanks Hun I love it!
3)Bex the wonderful organiser who rounds us up and sorts this whole weekend always buys us all a little something, this year is socks and the wonderful Love candle holder & Christmas scented candles. Thank Bex Love you loads xx
4)This picture is the beautiful V! 
 1) Shopping at Centre Parcs is fabulous, it’s full of super cute shops that you just can’t resist buying from, I just loved this teddy but it wasn’t for sale! :( 
2)My first Starbucks Christmas Cup! 
3) Christmas tree pretzels, Awesome! 
4) Me and some of my girls!
Tracy xx

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